Oh my God look what the cat dragged in! It’s the moves, spandex, and hair metal from the 80’s, performed by the only band manly enough to wear more makeup than your mom.

Richie Reckless

I’m the lead singer, bass player, designer and developer for TËAZE, central Virginia’s premier 80’s hair band tribute. Once the wig is on, mild-mannered designer Richie Hollins is gone, and the charismatic, falsetto-screaming Richie Reckless takes over.

Teaze Logo

I studied lots of logos from actual 80’s hair bands, and drew a lot of inspiration from the RATT logo. Since our style and stage show is pretty over-the-top, I threw in a totally unnecessary umlaut to give it that extra bit of ridiculousness.

It was awesome to make a website that had such rich visual content. We worked with Bill Leverty of Firehouse to create some promo footage, so I knew I wanted to feature that front and center. The result is a totally responsive site Poison would be proud of.

Teaze Posters

In addition to the website and Facebook collateral, I also create custom posters to promote each gig. I try to keep them simple and have 2 or 3 “levels” of information…at first glance you see the band name and the photo. Get closer and it’s easy to see the date we’re playing, and then the venue/time and our contact info. The posters often feature the photography from Ensight Photography, my wife’s photo business.